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Fever at Dawn

Fever at Dawn

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WW2: A touching true life tale of a Holocaust survivor and his search for love

  • ISBN: 978-0857523785
  • Translator: Elizabeth Szász
  • Genre: Biography/memoirs

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How many women should a man expect to write in order to find a wife? How many letters will it take? Will it ever work out by him finding true love? Well, twenty-five-year-old Holocaust survivor Miklós is not one for questions that could get in the way of his goal. He ends up writing 117 letters to 117 different women – all Hungarian like himself when he is shipped from the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp to Gotland, Sweden, to receive treatment at the Larbro Hospital. For he has contracted tuberculosis and his doctors inform him that he has six months to  live

But that only makes him stronger to succeed….

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From the horror of Bergen Belsen to the rehabilitation camps of Sweden, this is a story about love and perseverance in the search for it. Miklós ends up in Lärbro hospital and one of his letters reaches nineteen-year-old Lili who is in another rehabilitation centre in Småland. She is bedridden and out of curiosity, writes back. Several letters later from Småland to Gotland, their next challenge is to meet and finally in Eskjo they do.

This is where the true love story starts but the obstacles to them meeting and continuing this relationship are not over yet.

Their journey is remarkable – both prisoners of war and both in situations where hope itself seems to have written its own farewell letter, Lili and Miklós write letters and show the beauty and power of the written word. Memories and any bitterness for Bergen Belsen have been left behind and instead Sweden and the love they find there is all that matters.

All the more remarkable for being a true story  – that of the author’s parents. Gives a unique insight into war and the human emotions it tries, but fails to destroy.

Booktrailer Review

Susan: @thebooktrailer

What a charming and yet poignant read! I can’t believe this is a true story as it reads like something from a film. A romance during war under the most extreme situations you could imagine. A book that for me really reminded me what true love really is and what one letter can do. The power of words.

I think this book is a charming homage to the author’s parents who are the real stars of the story. This just HAS to be a film and I’ve heard it is going to be so that in itself is good news. It’s the perfect war time story to show the strength and resilience that people in extreme situations and under great pressure were actually capable of.

I was very luck to read this book early but the problem sometimes with that is that you’re just dying to shout it from the roof tops and discuss it but publication date is so far away!

Miklos sounds like quite the character and  he would be more than proud of this book. I would have loved to have met him and through his story I really feel I have.

Miklos is quite the man! With war and injury as a backdrop, this man doesn’t let anything get in his way. The path of true love is never smooth they say but Miklos is ready for a challenge! He can do anything!

A remarkable true story that just delights on every page. The author has written a wonderful account of his parent’s courtship and you can feel the  damp tears of happiness from every page. What an honour to be remembered in this way and what a charming couple! The most unique story I’ve read in a while and the fact it’s true is well, just amazing!

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