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  • Location: French Riviera (Cote d'Azur), St Tropez, Ramatuelle, Gassin

Escape to the Riviera

Escape to the Riviera

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2000s: If you met an ex boyfriend in St Tropez, would you be tempted to see what could have been?

  • ISBN: 978-0008185299
  • Genre: Fiction, Romance

What you need to know before your trail

Carrie Hayes has never forgotten the one that got away…

As a young, wild drama student, she married fellow actor, Richard Maddox, after a whirlwind romance. Life back then was full of possibilities, but when Hollywood beckoned Richard, Carrie was left behind.

Now an A-list superstar, Richard’s life couldn’t be more different to Carrie’s, so when their paths cross in glamorous St Tropez, she can’t help but wonder what might have been.

But with lovely, sensible Alan in tow, Carrie knows she needs to do the right thing. The only problem is, Carrie and Richard never quite got round to getting a divorce…

Travel Guide

Cassie and Richard’s guide to the French Riviera

Oh the glamour and the glitz, the sun and the sand, the white crisp beaches and the yachts clanking in the harbour. This book evokes all that and more! Not the place you’d want to chase your ex – husband for his signature on the divorce papers but a chance to remember why you both loved each other in the first place? This is the place to fall in love with if not with each other:

If things can’t get glamourous enough, Richard is there filming. So on location with a Hollywood film crew, life just does not get better than this:

The sky had cleared  overnight and the sun shone against a brilliant blue backdrop, broken by occasional puffballs of white clouds”

From the shores and harbour of St Tropez to the nearby areas of Ramatuelle and Gassin where there is more than enough to see and do on a day trip. Wandering down to the market square in the village would be walking in the glitzy, sunny footprints of the characters in the story. Ramatuelle has a very high point where the views are amazing – but if you’re like Cassie and trying to see the truth, maybe not so much.

If this is your literary holiday and you can’t go for real, open the pages and feel the sun on your face and hear the rustle of the palm trees whilst on the search of someone else’s ex- husband. Enjoy with a glass of something with umbrella sticking out of it for maximum effect.


Streetview Maps

A) St Tropez - harbour
D) Ramatuelle - the best view point!

Booktrail Boarding Pass Information:  Escape to the Riviera

Author/ Guide: Jules Wake Destination: French Riviera (Cote d’Azur) Departure Time:  2000s

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