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  • Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, New Iberia

Dixie City Jam

Dixie City Jam

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2000s: Book seven in the Dave Robicheaux series

  • ISBN: 978-1409109518
  • Genre: Crime, Thriller

What you need to know before your trail

When a Nazi submarine is discovered lying in sixty feet of water off the Louisiana coast some troubled ghosts are ready to be released. A local businessman is offering Detective Dave Robicheaux big money to bring the wreck to the surface, but he is not the only one after the submarine and its mysterious cargo. Neo-Nazis are on the march in New Orleans, a new spirit of hatred is abroad, and its terrifying embodiment, an icy psychopath called Will Buchalter, is stalking Robicheaux’s wife.

Robicheaux is about to find out how deep the new current of evil runs – and just how far the crazed Buchalter will go to get his hands on the Nazis’ legacy.

Travel Guide

BookTrail Travel to Lousiana Bayou Country

New Iberia

Robicheaux and his wife live on a boat here. He has now returned to the town after being away to work for the local police department.

This is Bayou country as described and evoked in the book. The author takes us to the steamy bayous and back roads of southern Louisiana where life is never what you think. The humidity, heat, vast expanse of landscape is a unique setting for this crime fiction.

New Orleans

The city where he works comes to life in every way. From the famous Bourbon Street where the jazz bars are, to the donuts and coffee on Decatur Street to the police stations, this is a city which moves, dances, shoots and thrills. It’s a city split in two in many ways. Gangsters, criminals and areas of the city where loyalty matters more than anything:

“Was he involved with the ritualistic killings of black dope dealers in the projects? If not, how many psychological mutants of his potential did New Orleans contain? Why had Lonighan crossed an old New Orleans ethnic line and gotten mixed up with the Calucci brothers?”

BookTrail Boarding Pass: Dixie City Jam

Destination: Louisiana, New Orleans, New Iberia  Author/guide: James Lee Burke  Departure Time: 2000s

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