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  • Location: Cornwall, “Polwhipple”, Newquay

Dirty Dancing at the Picture House by the Sea

Dirty Dancing at the Picture House by the Sea

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2000s: The third installment of the Polwhipple series

  • Genre: Humour, Romance

What you need to know before your trail

The picture house by the sea is the Palace at Polwhipple – a lovely art deco cinema, nestled in front of azure Cornish seas.

Gina is now in charge of Ferrelli’s, her grandfather’s ice-cream business, and is determined to modernise things. Change has come to the Palace too and there’s a ‘closed for refurbishment’ sign hanging across the doors. But just because the picture house is closed, doesn’t mean there can’t be a movie screening… and there’s only one place for it! Will Gina pull off her biggest event yet…? And with Rose Arundell sinking her claws further into Ben, who will be the Johnny to Gina’s Baby…?

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Polwhipple is sadly a fictional place but is set somewhere near Newquay and Fistral Beach. It sounds such a delightful place as there are yellow sandy beaches, ice cream parlours with ice cream flavours to die for – pina colada and brown bread flavour anyone? The art of gelato is a sacred one and a dying art for one family who are very keen to keep it alive.

imagine eating at the Mermaid’s Tail Inn,getting an ice cream from the parlour of magical flavours, spend hours in the Ocean Pearl bookshop and step inside the vintage magic of the Picture house by the Sea?

Mewgan Porth

A nice little place up the coast and this is where Ferdie gets a holiday rent. A nice place to stay and there are many caravans and holiday homes to stay in. It’s not far from the other villages and easy to drive back and forth to Newquay or why not tack the South West Path as Ferdie does. Windier but a lot more scenic


The place to go which is said to be a bit more showy compared to Polwhipple but it’s where Ferdie bumps into Ben again so head on down here yourself, pretend to surf and who knows who you might meet

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Destination: Cornwall, “Polwhipple”, Newquay  Author/Guide: Holly Hepburn  Departure Time: 2000s

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