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  • Location: The Hebrides (Fictional Seal Island)

Come Back to Me (Seal Island 3)

Come Back to Me (Seal Island 3)

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2000s: Matt arrives on Seal Island determined to be alone …

  • ISBN: 978-1472235114
  • Genre: Fiction

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Haunted by his wife’s death, Matt arrives on Seal Island determined to be alone and unable to escape his grief.

In the island’s hospital, a young woman named Rose lies in a coma, trapped by the memories of events leading up to her accident.

Grace, the island’s doctor, is at the heart of the community. Only she knows how much she regrets turning down the chance of love and a family years ago.

For these three people hope seems gone.

But life is about to offer an unexpected new beginning…

Travel Guide

Seal Island (fictional)

An island in the Hebrides which is sadly fictional but it sounds so inviting and gothic!

There are only two settlements on this island – Roan and Ollaberry – there is infact an Ollaberry on Shetland. It’s all very atmospheric and lyrical and although spooky, there is a sort of magic attached, around it and seeping through the very soil and rock.

Seal Island is a magical creation. It is both a place of refuge and a place to escape. Some come here to  heal or to change their life in the outside world. Everyone who comes here needs time for reflection and there’s plenty time here. The wild and solitary landscape are similar to the moors in Wuthering Heights – beautiful, yet wild and deadly.

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Author/Guide: Daniela Sacerdoti  Destination: Hebrides (Fictional Seal Island)  Departure Time: 2000s

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