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Colette’s Lost Pet

Colette’s Lost Pet

Why a Booktrail?

Come and meet Colette in Mile End, Montreal

  • ISBN: 978-0553536591
  • Genre: Childrens

What you need to know before your trail

Colette can’t find something to talk about with the new kids in the neighborhood…so she invents a pet! Her fib quickly escalates, and suddenly her parakeet is a larger-than-life world-traveler named Marie Antoinette. Have her new friends figured out her secret? What will they do?This charming story both clearly identifies the struggle of navigating a different experience, and demonstrates to kids a lovely and welcoming way to treat someone new in their community.

Travel Guide

Visit BookTrail style to Mile End in Montreal

Mile End is a hip, laid-back area in Montreal with an artsy vibe. There’s lots of cafes and restaurants to relax. Indie shops abound selling records, books and vintage clothes. Rue Bernard is the place to go.

Isabelle the author lives in the area of Mile End and loves to use the area in her illustrations. If her books are anything to go by, there are some very fun children and families living there!

Parc Saint-Michel in the middle of Mile End is a lovely place for Isabell’s characters to meet and play!

Booktrail Boarding Pass: Colette’s Lost Pet

Destination: Montreal  Author/Guide:  Isabelle Arsenault  Departure Time: anytime

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