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Christmas in Chamonix

Christmas in Chamonix

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2000s: A job opens up in Chamonix…will Lily go?

  • ISBN: B07VJ2TT7J
  • Genre: Romance

What you need to know before your trail

Lily Jackson loves Christmas. She also loves her childhood friend Jamie, but when her plan to kick-start their romance goes drastically wrong and her job gets her down, Lily decides it’s time to make changes. A job opens up in snowy Chamonix and egged on by her best friend Imogen, Lily decides to go for it.

As Lily settles in with the eccentric Devereux family at their gorgeous boutique ski hotel, she starts to confront her past. But when she meets handsome ski instructor Luc, who hates Christmas, Lily might have taken on more than she can handle.

Can Lily make a new life – with or without skis? And can she get Luc to see how truly romantic Christmas can be?

Travel Guide

Booktrail it and ski your way to Chamonix at Christmas!

Oh to spend time in snowy Chamonix. It’s one of the most popular spots in France to go skiing and is right where Mount Blanc is located, perhaps one of the most famous mountains in the world. Just imagine the fresh mountain air, the skiing, the apres-ski and wooden chalets…. Then there’s the boutique hotels like in this novel. Add a job and the possibility of a romance at Christmas and what more could you ask for?

As Lily settles in with the eccentric Devereux family at their gorgeous boutique ski hotel, she can’t believe her luck. She was a bit reluctant to move away from the UK to come to France but once she’s there, she can’t believe it. It stunning, snowy and the landscape ressembles something out of Narnia.

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Destination: Chamonix, French Alps  Author/guide: Sasha Wagstaff  Departure Time: 2000s

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