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  • Location: Emmerdale (fictional) , Yorkshire

Christmas at Emmerdale

Christmas at Emmerdale

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1914: war comes to Emmerdale

  • ISBN: 978-1409184997
  • Genre: Fiction, Historical

What you need to know before your trail

August 1914, and a terrible war begins, one that will affect the lives of everyone in the village of Beckindale. For Maggie Sugden, left to run Emmerdale Farm on her own while her husband, Joe, is at the front, it will bring grief and loss but also independence and the chance to find a place to belong – and perhaps even to love again.

Christmas At Emmerdale is the first in a sweeping new saga series, exploring the lives of Emmerdale’s much-loved families during the run up to the Great War.

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BookTrail it to Emmerdale 

A fictional village and located but certainly located in Yorkshire. The TV show and this book is centered on the community who live in a village. Some of them own farms and others work and live in the village or outside it. The Woolpack is the hub of activity and the place where everyone goes and chats.

Harewood Estate

Where the TV show is filmed and the village where you will recognise from the TV show

ITV Studios, Leeds

Interior filming takes place here. The main market square is often featured in the programme


This was the original Emmerdale Village. The original Woolpack that was featured in the show from 1976 to 1997 is also located here.

Butler’s Farm where Moira Barton lives is privately owned property so you can’t visit this. However further away is a farm near Leathley where Emmerdale Farm was originally shot.


BookTrail Boarding Pass: Christmas comes to Emmerdale

Destination: Emmerdale (fictional) Yorkshire  Author/Guide: Pamela Spring Departure Time: 1914

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