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Bill Bailey’s Remarkable Guide to British Birds

Bill Bailey’s Remarkable Guide to British Birds

Why a Booktrail?

Never scare a heron and other useful and funny bird tips!

  • ISBN: 978-1786483768
  • Genre: Non-Fiction, Travelogue

Travel Guide

Bird watching tips courtesy of Bill Bailey

Where ever you go to in the UK on a booktrail this would make for a great book to keep in mind so you can spot birds and learn something about our feathered friends. And Bill’s wisdom is not to be missed!

And even if you walked around the UK, just think of the poor Arctic tern which made the headlines with the longest ever migration trail. A round trip from Northumberland to the Antarctic and back. Some 59, 650 miles….

You’ll be tittering and the birds will be a twittering….

‘When herons are spooked they have a habit of vomiting as a defence. Half-digested pieces of eel and water vole skull on your head is not a good look. Just so you know.’

Booktrail Boarding Pass Information:  Bill Bailey’s Remarkable Guide to British Birds

Author/Guide: Bill Bailey  Destination: United Kingdom

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