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An Echo of Scandal

An Echo of Scandal

Why a Booktrail?

1928, 1978:The power of the rich and the anonymity waits across the water in Tangier…

  • ISBN: 978-1784162542
  • Genre: Fiction

What you need to know before your trail

Accused of murder, Alejandra flees her home, escaping to the southern edge of Spain, where she faces a life of poverty and destitution.

Seduced by the power of the rich and the anonymity that waits across the water in Tangier, Ale makes a bid for a new start. But it will come at a cost: a life of deception. Because Ale’s new friends want to know what she is running from, they want to know who she is and whether they can trust her.

Fifty years later, a young American writer wanders the streets of Tangier, searching for inspiration. When he stumbles across a trace of Ale’s life, he finds himself tangled in a story of scandal, love and danger that has not yet reached its end.

Travel Guide

Travel to Tangier BookTrail style in An Echo of Scandal

Starting in Cordoba, Spain, this is a journey in a book like no other. A woman has to escape her life and start a new one, so she disguises herself as a man and flees to Morocco. Settling in Tangier, she starts  a whole new life.


Tangier is the city which is evoked by every sight, sound and smell you can imagine. It’s immersive, hot and humid reading:

” When he’s imagined Tangier, he’d pictured groups of people like him, talking in the cafes by day watching life hustle past, drinking by night and smoking kif on the rootf top of some riad, making love and art fuelled by cheap living and the distance from home.”

Cafe de Paris

“Stepping out of the cafe was like diving into a pool of colour and smell and noise. Sam sometimes felt as if he was swimming, when he walked the strets during the day, coming up for air when he stepped into a cafe or a bar or up to a rooftop. It was different at night, of course. But in the day, the city seethed.”

Booktrail Boarding Pass: An Echo of Scandal

Destination: Tangier, Cordoba  Author/Guide: Laura Madeleine  Departure Time:  1928, 1978

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