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  • Location: Yorkshire Dales

All Teachers Bright and Beautiful

All Teachers Bright and Beautiful

Why a Booktrail?

1980s: It would be fun to go back to school in the Yorkshire Dales if your school days had been as fun as these!

  • ISBN: 978-0755362202
  • Genre: Autobiography/memoirs

What you need to know before your trail

Andy Seed is beginning his fifth year teaching at Cragthwaite Primary in the Yorkshire Dales, and as always a new term is full of surprises.

There;s a new student teacher on placement from the local teacher training college, and there’s the issue of a pushy parent who just loves complaining. On the joys of being a teacher.

At home in Applesett, things aren’t all rosy either. Barbara, ANdy’s wife is forced to take a job as a postie to help pay the mortgage, which means finding someone to look after their children Tom and Reuben.
When two old friends move into the village it looks like the problem has been solved, but not everyone is set out for Yorkshire life.

Travel Guide

You might well want to be a teacher and move to Yorkshire dales after reading this as life in a Yorkshire school just gets funnier and more chaotic as the years go on.
Each child in the class gets his or own chapter once again – a simple format that works well like a register so  you get to know each child in turn and their joint indiscyrancies as the school year progresses.

What would life be in a Yorkshire village. What are Yorkshire communities like? And how funny are the children there with their made up words and their comedy moments as frequent as the blades of grass on the moors themselves.

“ Mr Seed I need toilet’ It was Martine

Martine you mean , ‘Please may I go to the toilet?

Please I’m bustin. Her jiggle emphasised the point.”

The school antics continue apace while life in the Yorkshire dales never fails to impress. This Andy seed is one lucky man and his wife and children have their own way of blending into their new Yorkshire home. By now they’re practically natives but they still admire their home from the outside just to make sure it’s real.

Their home for instance still brings fond memories –

“Applesett was a remarkable place; a classic Dales stone village, situated at the confluence of three valleys and hidden away from the main road through Swinnerdale, giving it a tranquility that was the envy of so many communities”

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