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  • Location: Sussex, Arundel

A Vintage Year

A Vintage Year

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2000s: Three years on from The Homecoming, what’s going on in Havenbury?

  • ISBN: 978-0749022372
  • Genre: Adventure, Autobiography/memoirs, Nature/Landscape, Travelogue

What you need to know before your trail

Three years on from her fairy-tale country wedding to the deliciously handsome Charlie Wellbeloved, Bella’s life is far from the `happily ever after’ she dreamed of. Now, heading for the big three-oh at horrifying speed she has gained a couple of stone from boredom and comfort eating, her fledgling interior design business is succumbing to infant mortality, she talks to her black Labrador Dolly more than she does her own husband and now her close friend Maddy has announced that she’s expecting a baby. How can Bella be happy for them when she pines for a family of her own and Charlie has barely touched her for months? Then Charlie meets rich, charming Rufus, who might just have the answer to their business problems – for a price. How far will Bella go to preserve her dreams?

Travel Guide

Sussex – Arundel

The fictional world of Havenbury is based on the market town of Arundel and its surrounding villages where the author has lived since childhood.

Local readers of the Havenbury series – contemporary feel-good novels inhabiting a world which is like the love child of The Archers and Twin Peaks – will be able to recognise many of the features of the real Arundel, including the steep high street and the riverside.

In the Havenbury books, the castle at the top of the hill is a ruin, unlike in Arundel where the Castle – a magnet for tourists and a venue for the arts, including Shakespeare each summer – is also the home of the Duke of Norfolk and his family.

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Destination: Sussex, Arundel  Author/Guide: Rosie Howard  Departure Time: 2000s

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