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  • Location: Cornwall

A Romance in Cornwall

A Romance in Cornwall

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2000s: How has Cornwall changed when Julianne and Matt have been in America?

  • ISBN: B073RTG5WD
  • Genre: Romance

What you need to know before your trail

After months in America, Julianne and Matt have finally returned to their beloved Cornish cottage — and Julianne discovers that time did not stand still in the village during her absence. As she struggles with homesickness for Seattle and feeling out of place in the Cornish life she loved so deeply, Julianne makes the acquaintance of a famous romance novelist struggling with writer’s block, who believes her much-needed story lies somewhere in the tiny village of Ceffylgwyn.

When the writer finds herself momentarily inspired by Julianne and Matt’s own love story in Cornwall, Julianne begins a — sometimes literal — walk down memory lane, remembering her favorite moments, people, and places in this spot. But as her newfound friend learns that inspiration isn’t always what it seems, will Julianne, too, find her way past the changes in both the village and herself?


Travel Guide


Ceffylgwyn is sadly fictional but the fun is deciding and finding where it could be!

They arrive from Seattle and head straight to Cornwall via London. It’d cold and drizzly but they head straight to their little village and their lovely named Rosemoor Cottage which looks quiet and dark and just like they’d left it.

They wake up the next morning and it’s sunny and the flowers in the garden are what makes her smile.

Sounds lovely right? But how easy is the move from Seattle to Cornwall when you’re coming back to memories?

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Destination:  Cornwall  Author/Guide: Laura Briggs  Departure Time: 2000s

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