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  • Location: Cavan,Bawnboy

A Place to Belong

A Place to Belong

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1943: Ireland may have escaped the worst of the war, but for one woman, trouble is only just beginning.

  • ISBN: 978-1472266385
  • Genre: Historical, Sagas

What you need to know before your trail

It’s 1943 and Ireland has escaped the worst of the war raging in Europe, but life is not without its hardships. When fire breaks out at the convent in Cavan where she has spent the past ten years, orphan Eva Fallon barely escapes with her life.

She’s offered a bed for the night by Ma Scully, whilst her nephew Cathal, visiting from Dublin, helps battle the blaze. Seventeen-year-old Eva has never known such kindness but she’s too proud to take advantage, and finds a job at Blackstock’s farm, setting in motion a chain of events that will change her life forever.

Amidst tragedy and hardship, the only ray of light is the friendship of Ma Scully and her growing, secret love for Cathal. And through it all Eva clings to her hope that one day she will find a place where she can truly belong.



Travel Guide

Travel to A Place to Belong in Cavan, Templeport and Bawnboy

The author says:

I learned of a tragedy that had taken place at one orphanage in the town during the 40s and set, A PLACE TO BELONG there. I took a trip to Ireland in 2016 and went to Cavan town, and while there discovered the village of Bawnboy, a gem of a place just ten miles southeast of Cavan town, and fell in love with the setting. Its beautiful lakes, and mountains.

A Place To Belong, features Templeport lake where St Mogue’s, an ancient burial site can be reached by boat and where the Beaufighter crashed into the Island during world war two.

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Destination/location: Cawdon, Bawnboy Author/guide: Cathy Mansell  Departure Time: 1940s

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