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A Lovely Way to Burn (Plague Times Trilogy 1)

A Lovely Way to Burn (Plague Times Trilogy 1)

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Future: ¬†It doesn’t look like murder in a city full of death.

  • ISBN: 978-1848546530
  • Genre: Fantasy/Sci Fi, Thriller

What you need to know before your trail

A pandemic called ‘The Sweats’ is sweeping the globe. London is a city in crisis. Hospitals begin to fill with the dead and dying, but Stevie Flint is convinced that the sudden death of her boyfriend Dr Simon Sharkey was not from natural causes. As roads out of London become gridlocked with people fleeing infection, Stevie’s search for Simon’s killers takes her in the opposite direction, into the depths of the dying city and a race with death.

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This is London but not as you know it

Imagine you walk out of Tottenham Court Road station and smell a sulphur kind of tinge to the air. After that the city seems to be slowing creeping into a state of no return.

Stevie (Stephanie) Flint smells this at the start of the book. She is dating Dr Simon Sharkey¬† who works at St Thomas‚Äôs Hospital but he never talks about his work there. He was working on something very private – a new virus¬† which was aptly called ‚Äúthe sweats‚ÄĚ. No one knows about this at the beginning but they soon will.

The city becomes a scene not unlike a death bed Рpeople dying, lying in the street,  hospitals filled to bursting point and beyond. This is a London under siege and the rules of everyday have gone out of the window.

A frightening look at a dystopian world. Public control and public common sense have left the city never to return. People who are trying to survive seem to have adopted the ‚ÄėEveryman for himself‚Äô train of thought.

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A) London - Tottenham Court Road
E) London - St Thomas Hospital

Booktrail Boarding Pass Information:  A Lovely Way to Burn (Plague Times Trilogy 1)

Author/ Guide: Louise Welsh  Destination: London  Departure Time: The future

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