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  • Location: Sicily (fictional Vigata) Porto Empedocle

The Dance Of The Seagull (Montalbano 15)

2000s: If you saw a seagull fall from the sky, perform a strange dance, before lying down to die, you’d be shocked wouldn’t you?

  • Location: Devon, Tuscany, Florence

The House by the Sea

1966/present day -Also known as The Mermaid Garden, this book has an epic story of secrets, mystery and lush locations

  • Location: Australia (fictional Point Partageuse and Janus Rock)

The Light between Oceans

1920s: The most heartbreaking story we’ve read in a long while. Set on a remote outpost of Australia, a lighthouse is the only thing Tom…

  • Location: Bali, California, Western Australia

The Sea Sisters

2000s: You will want to go travelling after having read this book!

  • Location: Morocco, Penzance

Crossed Bones/The Tenth Gift

17th Century – A story based on historical fact about a real life pirate raid which took place off the 17th century Cornish coast. The…

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The Darkest Night

2000s:  Some secrets last for generations . . .

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