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  • Location: Romania, Transylvania

Stoker’s Manuscript

Destination: Dracula Country   Departure Time: 2000s and 1897 Travel to Transylvania in the search for the real original manuscript of Bram Stoker’s Dracula

  • Location: Granada

The Poet’s Wife

1920s: A journey deep into the heart of 1920‘s Granada during the time of the Spanish Civil War.

  • Location: Mainz

Gutenberg’s Apprentice

1450s: Step back in time to the world where publishing was born and see 1450s Mainz, Germany come alive before your very eyes.

  • Location: St Petersburg (Leningrad), Stockholm

To the Hermitage

1770s, 1990s: The setting is Russia and Stockholm – the story is the the Diderot project or the creation of the world’s first Encyclopedia

  • Location: Paris

The Père-Lachaise Mystery

1890s: A bookshop owner solves crimes in Paris..

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