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  • Location: Yorkshire Dales

All Teachers Bright and Beautiful

1980s: It would be fun to go back to school in the Yorkshire Dales if your school days had been as fun as these!

  • Location: Yorkshire Dales

All Teachers Great and Small

1980s: A charming tale of a man who taught in a Yorkshire school and wrote his experiences down in a heart warming memoir

  • Location: Yorkshire Dales

All Teachers Wise and Wonderful

1980s: A year on from All Teachers Great and Small and we’re back in the lovely warm and very witty Yorkshire Dales with new teacher…

  • Location: Hull

Broken Dreams (Joe Geraghty 1)

2000s: Take an historic tour around the city of Hull and see its many faces and its underbelly in full and gritty detail

  • Location: Yorkshire

Dying in the Wool – (Kate Shackleton 1)

1920s: A fictional mill village of Bridgestead, Yorkshire, but based on the real life village of Cottingley. And it’s always a treat going back to…

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