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Prague, Czech Republic
Uluru, Australia

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  • Location: Alberta

The Turnout

2000s: Behind the scenes of the Durant School of Dance….and deadly drama…

  • Location: Dordogne

The Schoolteacher of Saint Michel

1942, 2000s: ‘My darling girl, I need you to find someone for me . . .’

  • Location: Oxford

The Pact

2000s: Go back to the place you made the pact…

  • Location: Glasgow

A Lie for a Lie

2000s: Teacher versus pupil. It’s your word against hers . . .

  • Location: Paris

Louis Braille (Life Stories)

1809 –1852: The story of the man, Louis Braille

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The Library

2000s: A lovely story about a lovely library

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