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Prague, Czech Republic
Uluru, Australia

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  • Location: Verona, Birmingham

That Night

2000s: What would you do to protect your family? Anything.

  • Location: Rome

Two Women in Rome

1978, 2000: In the Eternal City, no secret stays hidden forever…

  • Location: Florence, Tuscany

Still Life

1944: As the Allied troops advance, two strangers meet in a Tuscan cellar and share an extraordinary evening together.  

  • Location: Fonzaso, Italy

Under the Light of the Italian Moon

WWII: A promise keeps them apart until WWII threatens to destroy their love forever.

  • Location: Pompeii

The Wolf Den

Ancient Greece: Sold by her mother. Enslaved in Pompeii’s brothel. Determined to survive. Her name is Amara. Welcome to the Wolf Den…

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The Return

WW2: A man makes a promise to his girl before the war breaks out.

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