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  • Location: Argentina, The Pampas, Patagonia

The Magic Bean Tree: A Legend from Argentina 

Timeless – How important is the rain to the people of the Argentine Pampas?

  • Location: Argentina, The Pampas

The Blacksmith and the Devils

Timeless – The Argentine version of a famous folktale..

  • Location: Rosales, The Philippines


1880s: The first in the Rosales series which takes a look at life in the small town of Rosales.

  • Location: Yorkshire, Gateshead

Jane Eyre

1800s: The Yorkshire landscape is as much a character as Jane Eyre herself

  • Location: Australia

This is Australia

1970s: The land down under in the 1970s was a very different place to be. Take the tour here…

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2000s: There’s  a death in an Icelandic prison

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