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Lake Louise, Canada
Copenhagen, Denmark
Loch Ness, Scotland

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  • Location: French Alps

First on the Rope

1920s, 1930s: life on the French Alps

  • Location: Paris

The Paris Girl

1920s: A young woman will lose everything… and finally discover what truly matters most.

  • Location: Paris,Arles, Carmargue region

The Guardian of Lies

1953: The fragile peace between the West and Soviet Russia hangs on a knife edge. And one family has been torn apart.

  • Location: Paris

The Girl Who Reads on the Metro

2000s: A girl watches people on the metro and decides which book would meet their needs.

  • Location: France (rural France)

Faces on the Tip of My Tongue

2000s: A snapshot of rural France

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2000s: Backpacking and travelling across Asia on the Trans-Siberian Express sounds great, right?

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