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  • Location: Naples, Hollywood, Sorrento

The Traitor’s Wife

1943, 1962: Inspired by the stories of the heroines of the Italian Resistance

  • Location: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Paris

Expiration Dates

2023: Everytime Daphne meets a new man, she receives information about him- his name, number and amount of time they will spend together.

  • Location: London, Hollywood

The Actor

2023: How method should an actor be? What if someone goes too far?

  • Location: California

Data Baby

2023: What if your parents turn you into a human lab rat when you’re a child?

  • Location: Coronado Island, Vietnam

The Women

1965: It would be the journey of a lifetime . . .

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1950s: One woman did the work. Three men took the glory.

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