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Chios, Greece
Prague, Czech Republic
Key West, Florida USA
Moscow, Russia

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  • Location: Copenhagen

The Stolen Angel (Louise Rick 6)

2000s: The granddaughter of a wealthy Sachs-Smith family is kidnapped in Copenhagen..

  • Location: Sussex, "Chapel Croft"

The Burning Girls

500 years ago: eight martyrs were burnt to death 30 years ago: two teenagers vanished without trace Two months ago: the vicar committed suicide

  • Location: Lydmouth (fictional), Wales, England

The Mortal Sickness

1940s: The second in the Lydmouth mystery series

  • Location: England, London

A Vision of Light (Margaret of Ashbury 1)

1355: A village girl receives a divine vision that will lead her into the chambers of the English Inquisition…

  • Location: Transylvania

You are Invited

2000s: Would you spend the night in a strange monastery?

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2000s: There are secrets waiting in Port Silver…

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