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Book Trails

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  • Location: Ireland, Venice, Waterloo, Zanzibar

The Romantic

Various : Soldier. Farmer. Felon. Writer. Father. Lover. One man, many lives.

  • Location: Edinburgh, Paris, Nice, St Petersburg, Andaman Islands

Love is Blind

1890s: Just how blind can love be?

  • Location: Geneva, Vienna, London

Waiting for Sunrise

WW1 – A thriller set in Vienna at the start of the first world war  – where wartime intelligence weaves a dangerous web indeed..

  • Location: London, Paris, Berlin, New York, Vietnam

Sweet Caress

20th C: See Europe of the 20th Century through one woman’s camera lens

  • Location: London, Oxford, Paris, worldwide

Any Human Heart

1900s: Logan Mountstuart’s chronicles his life from the beginning to the end of the twentieth century

Featured Book

Whoever You Are, Honey

2024: On the Santa Cruz waterfront, every house is as perfect as the people inside, right?

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