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Prague, Czech Republic
Uluru, Australia

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  • Location: Chicago

Deep Dark Night

2000s: A city in darkness. A building in lockdown. A score that can only be settled in blood…

  • Location: Florida, Tallahassee, Miami, Florida Everglades

Deep Dirty Truth (Lori Anderson 3)

2018: A price on her head. A secret worth dying for. Just 48 hours to expose the truth…

  • Location: Florida, San Diego

Deep Blue Trouble

2000s: The second in the Lori Anderson series

  • Location: Florida, Georgia, West Virginia, Yellow Spring

Deep Down Dead

2000s: A fearless Florida bounty hunter has to cross states to bring back her prey. But who is the real hunter?

  • Location: Florida

Death in the Sunshine

2000s : Four ex-cops in a retirement paradise. Sure they’ll rest…when the killer is caught.

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The Antique Hunter’s Guide to Murder

2023:  What antique would you kill for?

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