Words leave imprints in your mind like footprints in the sand...
Lake Louise, Canada
Copenhagen, Denmark
Loch Ness, Scotland

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  • Location: Nantucket Island

Heat Wave

200s: After a death in the family, life on Nantucket will never be the same again

  • Location: Nantucket Island, Boston

The Hot Flash Club

2000s: First in the series of the Hot Flash Club

  • Location: Nantucket

Secrets in Summer

2000s: Memorial Day and the sun is out…

  • Location: Nantucket Island, Boston

A Nantucket Christmas

2000s: Holidays on Nantucket Island are nothing short of enchanting!

  • Location: Nantucket Island

The Guest Cottage

2000s: The perfect place to escape to? Or can paradise hide secrets you’d rather not face up to?

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The Safe Place

2000s: A pretty facade does not a happy house make…

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