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  • Location: London, Yorkshire

Mortmain Hall

1930s: From London’s Necropolis Railway to a country estate in Yorkshire.

  • Location: England

Murder at the Manor

What lies within the walls of a country house?

  • Location: England

Crimson Snow

It is the season of goodwill if there’s murder on your mind?

  • Location: The Lake District

The Cipher Garden (Lake District Mysteries 2)

2000s: A hooded visitor brings a deadly surprise to the tranquillity of The Lake District

  • Location: The Lake District

The Coffin Trail (Lake District Mysteries 1)

2000s: Staring a new life in the Lake District just seems so perfect, doesn’t it?

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The Missing Sister

2008, 1920, 1949: They’ll search the world to find her.

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