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  • Location: Copenhagen

Buried (Department Q 5)

2008: The fifth case for the intriguingly named Department Q of the Copenhagen police. Also known as The Marco effect.

  • Location: Copenhagen

Redemption (Department Q 3)

2000s – Department Q is a place hidden in the darkest corner of the Copenhagen Police station investigating the darkest crimes of the city.

  • Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Guilt (Department Q 4)

1987 – 2010  -There is another case for Dept Q – somewhere deep in the basement of the Copenhagen police department which looks into cold…

  • Location: Copenhagen

Disgrace (Department Q 2)

1980s, 2000s : Department Q is located in the deepest darkest corner of the Copenhagen police department….This is case 2

  • Location: Copenhagen

Mercy (Department Q1)

2002/2007: The unsolved cases of Copenhagen’s police department and the workings of the mysterious Department Q in the basement. Intriguing….

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The Divorce

2000s: There are two sides to every story . . .

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