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  • Location: Andalucia

Andalus: Unlocking The Secrets Of Moorish Spain

2000s: Unlocking The Secrets Of Moorish Spain

  • Location: Alicante, Madrid, Granada, Spain


2000s: Duende – the intense emotional state that is the essence of Spain’s signature art form: flamenco.

  • Location: Valencia

Blood Med: (Max Cámara 4)

2000s: Valencia is in turmoil, and Max Camera has a lot on his plate

  • Location: Barcelona, Valencia, Ceuta and Melilla

A Body in Barcelona (Max Cámara 5)

2000s:  The call for independence is getting louder by the day.

  • Location: La Mancha

The Anarchist Detective (Max Cámara 3)

2000s: La Mancha is not just known as being the home of Don Quixote..

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