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  • Location: Chiloé, USA

Maya’s Notebook

2000s: A story of teenage addiction

  • Location: Chile


1920 : One extraordinary woman. One hundred years of history. One unforgettable story.

  • Location: Spain, Chile

A Long Petal of the Sea

1939: September 3, the day of the Spanish exiles’ splendid arrival in Chile, the Second World War broke out in Europe.

  • Location: Chile, San Francisco

Portrait in Sepia

1800s: An epic romance set in the author’s homeland of Chile and  a story which will further explain Daughter of Fortune

  • Location: Chile, South America

The House Of The Spirits

This is THE book to read to gain an insight into Latin America and especially Chile. A novel of Magical realism.

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1950s: One woman did the work. Three men took the glory.

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