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  • Location: First Nations Territories (America, Canada)

My Heart Fills with Happiness

The Cree title: Ni Sâkaskineh Mîyawâten Niteh Ohcih

  • Location: Amazon Rainforest

We’re Roaming in the Rainforest

What will you find in the middle of the rainforest?

  • Location: Tehran

The Garden of Inside-Outside

1981: The story of an unexpected friendship of two children, on either side of war and peace.

  • Location: Belgium

Bernie and Flora

Meet Bernie the Bear and Flora the Duck

  • Location: Palestine, Egypt, Africa

Wondrous Journeys in Strange Lands

1600s: A special journey through Palestine through the eyes of a young Palestinian woman.

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First Born

2000s: They say identical twins have a bond that can never be broken….

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