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Chios, Greece
Prague, Czech Republic
Key West, Florida USA
Moscow, Russia

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  • Location: Scotland, Priest Island, Eilean Dubh, Outer Hebrides

The Malice of Waves (The Sea Detective 3)

2000s: A man disappears from an island…

  • Location: London

A Slow Fire Burning

2000s: Everyone is damaged to some degree. Some damaged enough to kill……

  • Location: Colchester, Wolmingford

The Secrets of the Lake

1940s, 2000s: Secrets of years ago come home to roost.

  • Location: Indonesia, Borneo

Almayer’s Folly – Classic Illustrated Edition

1800s:  Almayer’s Folly is Conrad’s first novel. Now illustrated

  • Location: Wales


2000s: No longer the benign friend of summer, the Severn was a restless dragon slithering its way past

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