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Prague, Czech Republic
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  • Location: London, Bath, Cornwall, Devon

The Square of Sevens

1739: Are you ready to discover what The Secret of Sevens might reveal?

  • Location: London

The Fascination

1889: Victorian England. A world of rural fairgrounds and glamorous London theatres.

  • Location: London

Clara and Olivia

1933: “Surely you would like to be immortalised in art, fixed forever in perfection?”

  • Location: Europe, Greece, London, Paris, New York, Boston

The Circus Train

1930s:  Brought together by magic.Torn apart by war.

  • Location: London

The Moon and Stars

2022: Loosely inspired by The Phantom of the Opera and Cyrano de Bergerac

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The Beach Holiday

2023: A somebody. A nobody. A love story waiting to be written . . .

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