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  • Location: Dalarna, Sweden

Per and the Dala Horse

Per and the Dala Horse

Why a Booktrail?

Timeless: The story of the magic behind the beautifully painted Dala horses…

  • ISBN: 978-0385320757
  • Genre: Childrens

What you need to know before your trail

When a Swedish farmer dies, his three sons inherit something of the farm. The eldest son inherits the farm, a plough horse and a plow and the middle son a fine riding horse. As for the youngest son- he inherits  a beautifully painted and Dala horse and so the brothers make fun of him, thinking that his will be the most useless.

But that’s before the magic happens…and the trolls of the underworld work their mischief

Travel Guide

The legend and stories surrounding the Dala horses and the power they have, not to mention the significance in Swedish life are numerous but they are made and loved all over Sweden and originate from the Dalarna Region.

There are four so called Horse villages where the horses are made. It is said to have started in Bergkarlås, Risa, Vattnäs, and Nusnäs, and they were made from the wood left over from furniture making. They were not always painted but when they were, red has fast become the most popular and iconic colour.

Nusnäs is now the centre of Dala horses and perhaps the most famous makers of them all is – grannas.com

Booktrailer Review


I discovered these gorgeous horses when living in Sweden and they are indeed everywhere now but it was this story which made me want to buy one and I started to read a bit about them.

For the most iconic horses – this lady has to be your first stop. (Swedish recommendation)


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