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  • Location: Cornwall

The World of Poldark

The World of Poldark

Why a Booktrail?

1783 and 2000s: The handbook to everything Poldark

  • ISBN: 978-1250102713
  • Genre: Non-Fiction

What you need to know before your trail

Recent success of the BBC Poldark series and the rerelease of the novels had led to this companion which looks at how this new modern day version of Poldark came to the TV screens. Everything is taken into account such as how the cast came to be, the level of research needed to recreate the everyday lifestyle of the 18th century, the mines and the work that went into them and of course the setting. Many places in Poldark’s world were fictional but based on real places and so a new Cornwall was born. How did then film all of this and enhance the already popular novels? Lots of stunning photos help to bring this story to life.

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They say a picture paints a thousand words and this book is therefore choc full of both. Every detail is to be savoured from the real way in which pilchards were almost revered and waited for patiently from the shores to feed the communities through the winter. The scenery is as spectacular as in the drama and of course n real life. What is particularly fascinating from a booktrail point of view is the use of locations and their adaptation into 18th villages. Truro, the centre of Poldark country was actually filmed in Wiltshire and the cottage Nampara, fictional, was modelled from a house in Bodmin Moor.

The difficulties of changing real locations to evoke Poldark ones was a challenge and there are some ingenious ways in which this was done. Of course Winston Graham was inspired by his nightly walks on Perranporth beach when working as a  coastguard during the WW2. Hendrawna beach was based on Perranporth and the rest of the locations were a composite of places in and around Cornwall – Wiltshire even came into play – to ensure the Television drama was as faithful to the author’s vision as possible.

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