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Destination Thailand (Lonely Hearts Club 1)

Destination Thailand (Lonely Hearts Club 1)

Why a Booktrail?

2000s: Inspired by a true life tale of turning the negative into a positive

  • ISBN: 978-0263923650
  • Genre: Fiction, Humour

What you need to know before your trail

Georgia, like the author of the book herself, Katy Collins, is cruelly jilted on her wedding day and so instead  of sitting on the beach sunning herself with her husband, she is sitting crying tears as salty as the sea, wondering where it all went wrong.

Best friend Marie tries to lift the dark clouds by getting her to make a to do list of new goals. So before she knows it, Georgia, the girl who has barely been out of her home town, it packing her bags for a Thailand Adventure

However things don’t exactly go to plan – she’s a rookie traveller and soon falls fowl of the travelling scams but with what she’s been through, she’s not going to let things get in her way now.

Where do you go when you’re looking for yourself.

Travel Guide

If you think Georgia is fearless for travelling across the world on her own, then the real life author Katy Collins is going to impress you more. This lady, used a negative and life changing event to change her life even more  – for the better.


So  Thailand it is – a land full of opportunity and stunning scenery.  Backpacking around the country sounds like a fun and adventurous experience but it’s not as easy as it sounds. She decides to join a tour groups of make it easier but it turns out to be a problem in itself. Travellers will feel both empathy and a shared sense of shame in some of her exploits. Oh but the fun moment come thick and fast – Katy kicks up her heels and kicks up your wanderlust at the same time.


The sites of the city famous in any backpacker guide are there – from the Khao San Road where Georgia goes to a restaurant, it seems as if this is a rather gaudy street, but backpacker’s heaven all the same, where the whole of Bangkok come to eat and be entertained. The gaudy strip lights hurt Georgia’s jet lagged eyes.

The islands

Koh Pa Sai  is a fictional island but based on Koh Tao says the author. Whether real or fictional, it’s  paradise: ” After seven hours on a rickety train, they arrive at ‘paradise’ – “Drooping palm trees provided shade over sprawling beach bums”. Then it’s the famous Koh Lanta where she sees the beautiful blue beach huts along the beach

Streetview Maps

Bangkok - Khao San Road
Bangkok - Yaowarat Road

Booktrailer Review

Susan @thebooktrailer

The ultimate read for any booktrailer! This is how you turn a negative into a positive. What a great way to get over heartbreak than by travelling solo to Thailand and not only that writing about your experiences there in a funny and uplifting novel!

This is witty, smart and a fresh way of reading your way around the world. the next books are set in India and Chile so you can really get into the mindset of the author and her infectious wanderlust. With such determination and passion , the writing reflects this and is a great romp of an adventure around the country, on a tour guide, alone and in various locations. The book flies by like a journey there itself and the images of ‘Destination Thailand’ stayed with me long after I’d read the book. What a journey! I loved the idea and the execution was like finally getting to board the plane and go yourself. I’d followed Katy for some time on her blog and think that Destination Thailand really hits the mark and is a great fun read with many aspects that fellow backpackers will either remember, grimace at in pain, laugh at, cry over and in the end smile.

The weather, the sitting in a bungalow balcony, the brewing storm, the humidity and the sense of adventure jump off the page. I swear petals from the Golden Shower Tree, the national flower of Thailand fall from the pages.

Just be careful if you go to Thailand on the back of this book and try your luck on a Thai fishing boat…

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