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Breaking Dead

Breaking Dead

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2000s:  Think London Fashion Week can be brutal? You ain’t seen nothing yet!

  • ISBN: B01BLIV3O6
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

London Fashion Week is known for its cut throat environment, but when a Russian model turns up in an upmarket hotel just before the fashion week is about to open, it’s obvious that things have taken a very deadly turn.

Newspaper journalist Sophie King recognises her from a recent interview and feels adamant that she could have saved her. Feeling guilty, she decides to investigate herself and so she immerses her self in to the fast and heady world of fashion.

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Ah London Fashion Week – renowned for its glam and glitz, the fashion from allover the world, the stars the famous models and the paparazzi. But under this glittering facade, the very meaning of the word facade becomes clear.

This is the Fashion underworld, the dark dark side to the industry awash with drugs, prostitution and blackmail to name but a few. The death of one model is bad enough but under such a spotlight, more deaths occur in plain sight.

Because of the media coverage of Fashion Week, the whole murky world seems very realistic. So too does the world of journalism (here the London Herald)  and how one journalist could feel compelled to go out there on her own. This world of cut throat journalism about getting the story, getting the story that sells is tough and comes down to one thing:

“The line is the truth, the line is what sells the story”

This is the dark side of high fashion. The Seedy side to the glamour of London. An international stage with someone very evil hiding in the wings. From Fashion venues in and around the capital to the more seedy backalleys, this is quite the snapshot of the capital.

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A) Kensington Palace Gardens
C) The fictional Rose Hotel is here

Booktrailer Review

Emma: @thebooktrailer

I can’t claim to know a lot about the fashion world But I’ve never thought it was all glam and glitz. Well, this just proves it. Blimey I’ve just never read a crime novel like this set in the fashion world.

This was just a really unique read and gave a really fresh addition to gripping crime fiction. Some very dark dark scenes and themes in this book but never to the extent that they’re there just for the shock value. Everything in this novel fits well together and adds something to the overall story.

Sophie Kent is a great character and I already feel as if I want to see and read her about her again. There’s a lot more to come from her and it’s a cracking plot she’s involved with this time  – very grimly and grisly realistic. There was a lot to this novel and I will definitely be putting Corrie on the crime radar and on the TBR pile future reads.

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