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  • Location: Scottish Highlands, Wyvis


1999:  A man wakes to find he’s killed the only woman he ever loved.

  • Location: Iceland, Bjarnarhöfn, Snaefellsnes Peninsula

Sea of Stone (Fire & Ice 4)

2000s: A murder at a remote farmhouse in Iceland reveals unravelling family secrets..

  • Location: Iceland, Hvolsvöllur, Eyjafjallajökull, Bjarnarhofn, Reykjavik

Meltwater (Fire & Ice 3 )

2000s: Operation Meltwater is about to reveal some devastating secrets

  • Location: Iceland, Bharnarhofn, Reykjavík

66 Degrees North (Fire and Ice 2 )

1934, 2009: In Iceland, revenge is best served at arctic temperatures…

  • Location: Iceland, Reykjavik

Where the Shadows Lie (Fire & Ice 1 )

2000s: A death is related to an 800 year old saga,and a powerful ring, which inspired Tolkein’s ‘Lord of the Rings’…

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A Poisoner’s Tale

1651: Inspired by the true story of Giulia Tofana: The Angel of Death with a Vial of Vengeance

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