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  • Location: Oslo, Peru



Why a Booktrail?

2000s: A frank description of life with mental health problems

  • ISBN: 978-0995485235
  • Translator: Rosie Hedger
  • Genre: Fiction, Translated Fictioin

What you need to know before your trail

Zero finds its young, female protagonist constantly torn between hope and despair, rage and confusion, as she tries to find her place in and, eventually, far outwith, society.

Travel Guide

From Norway to the deep jungles of Peru


The girl at the heart of this tale lives somewhere in Norway but dreams of the big lights of Oslo. Surburban life is not for her and since she’s training to be an actress, she is keen to see the capital city.

“There’ll be spotlight on me and me alone.’

Oslo features but not in any major way. It’s a Scandinavian country and city but the capital doesn’t really have the flavour of the city in real life. Zero’s protagonist doesn’t like the city and soon moves away to…


If you’re lost and want to find yourself then the dangerous and remote Peruvian jungle is probably an apt place to do it. She wants to find herself here and understand her world. What will she find in this jungle? Beware, violence and hallucinations await.


Booktrail Boarding Pass: Zero

Destination/location: Oslo, Peru Author/Guide:   Gine Cornelia Pedersen  Departure Time: 2000s

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