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2022: A young Kurdish woman feels Syria and heads to Europe

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In the merciless heat of the day, a young Kurdish woman flees the shame she has brought upon her family – and the brutal punishment that has ensued. Fearing pursuit, she crosses the expanse of Syria and almost without intention finds her way to the border and the temporary haven of a refugee camp. There, she rests, and the product of her punishment is born. A son, who she names Elend, the new light of day.

But that is only the start. A new life calls and she moves on. Europe engulfs her with its vast extremes. The mountains and wide plains, the sprawling and hostile cities. The small kindnesses and sharp taunts of the people she meets; the compassion and indifference and disdain

Travel Guide

A journey of hope and desperation

The journey Zarrin takes is one of desperation yet she is full of hope and dreams. She takes many attempts to get from her home town and from the camp to Ankara and then Istanbul. The sights there asail her senses and she is acutely aware of just how far she has come, most physically and emotionally speaking.

She travel through many other countries including Romania, Germany, Luxembourg and France before arriving in London, England. There, her other journey starts….

BookTrail Boarding Pass: Zarrin

Destination:  From Syria to London Author/guide: David Briggs Departure Time: 2022

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