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  • Location: London

Without the Moon

Without the Moon

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1942: Hush, hush, hush. Here comes the Bogeyman…

  • ISBN: 978-1846689871
  • Genre: Fiction, Historical

What you need to know before your trail

London during the long, dark days of the Blitz: a city outwardly in ruins, weakened by exhaustion and rationing. But behind the blackout, the old way of life continues: in the music halls, pubs and cafes, soldiers mix with petty crooks, stage magicians with lonely wives, scandal-hungry reporters with good-time girls – and DCI Edward Greenaway keeps a careful eye on everyone.

Out on the streets, something nastier is stirring: London’s prostitutes are being murdered, their bodies left mutilated to taunt the police. And in the shadows Greenaway’s old adversaries in organised crime are active again, lured in by rich pickings on the black market. As he follows a bloody trail through backstreets and boudoirs, Greenaway must use all his skill – and everything he knows about the city’s underworld – to stop the slaughter.

Travel Guide

London 1942

The events in the book are based on two real life cases which happened at the time of the book – February 1942

The Blackout Ripper and Margaret McArthur

There was indeed a Blackout Ripper and a woman who died from falling off Waterloo bridge. Both came to trial in April of that year although although of course this is a fictional account of both and so not all of the facts are exactly as they would have happened. Margaret McArthur was the real victim dumped over the side of Waterloo Bridge. the mix of fact and fiction is spellbinding.

The author has found that the songs “London Bridge is Falling Down’ and its allusion to ‘My Fair Lady’ would have been referring to a female sacrifice planted underneath the bridge to keep it stable. Waterloo bridge to some is known as The Ladies Bridge.

Read this whilst playing the jazz soundtrack where the chapter headings come from. You will be placed right bang in the middle of the musical, war – torn, murderous capita…

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A) London - Waterloo Bridge
A) London - Waterloo Bridge

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Author/Guide Cathi Unsworth  Destination: London  Departure Time: WW2

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