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  • Location: Karachi

Under the Tamarind Tree

Under the Tamarind Tree

Why a Booktrail?

1964 — A story of love tested to its limits by moral dilemmas

  • ISBN: 978-1915798695
  • Genre: Familiy drama, Fiction

What you need to know before your trail

Rozeena will lose her home, her parents’ safe haven since fleeing India and the terrors of Partition, if her medical career doesn’t take off soon. But success may come with a price. Meanwhile, the interwoven lives of her childhood best friends — Haaris, Aalya, and Zohair — seem to be unraveling with each passing day. The once small and inconsequential differences between their families’ social standing now threaten to divide them. Then one fateful night someone ends up dead and the life they took for granted shatters.

Rozeena receives a call from a voice she never thought she’d hear again. What begins as an request to look after a friend’s teenaged granddaughter grows into an unconventional friendship — one that unearths buried secrets and just might ruin everything Rozeena has worked so hard to protect.

Travel Guide


The author has captured the city of Karachi at the time of partition and it’s a fascinating look at the city during this time.

She shows the partition of the city, the country and of the Indian subcontinent. You get to see the beating heart of Karachi and its people. Their life, struggles and all things inbetween. Lots to enjoy about the Pakistani culture and ways of living.

BookTrail Boarding Pass: Under the Tamarind Tree

Destination: Karachi   Author/guide: Nigar Alam  Departure Time: 1964

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