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1665: Come to the colourful court of Charles II

  • ISBN: 978-0749021146
  • Genre: Fiction, Historical

What you need to know before your trail

February 1665. With winter passing, Mercia Blakewood is at last headed back to England from America, hoping to leave behind the shadow that death and heartache have cast. She expects a welcome from the King considering her earlier, mostly successful, mission at his behalf, but the reception is not exactly warm. Mercia faces more manipulation and must accept a clandestine and uncomfortable role at the heart of the royal court posing as a mistress to find a spy and traitor.

Travel Guide

London 1665

Mercia’s destination – She had planned to go by coach but events take a different turn and she is taken by another means of transport. After a night’s rest in Farnham, she arrives in the capital:
Mercia recalled the first time she had visited Whitehall – this is her destination now – she makes her way through the maze of corridors to meet a very distinguished figure.

Whitehall was huge, comprising thousands of rooms  stretching for half  a mile along the course of the Thames between the slow curves at Westminster and Charing Cross. Room were built on rooms, corridors atop stairs, balconies jutting over the river, some with a view of the King’s Moored yacht.

The London Court of Charles II comes to royal light. There is a lot of pomp and circumstance, a court eager to please the king and those he favours. Favours he can easily take away as he bestows.  This is the maze in more ways than one which Mercia is going to have to navigate if she is to survive. This is a man’s world and a cruel one and she is given a  task which could see her die if she fails.


Booktrailer Review

Susan: @hebooktrailer

I do have a soft spot for a spy and mystery novel set in a royal court. I’ve read most of those set in the Tudor Court i would think so this was a nice change. A bit more modern but just as evil and fraught with danger.

The stench of the Southhampton docks, the London streets and the smell of fear were evident from the first page. That cover really showcases the book and if you read the hardback it’s almost as if you’re right back inside that court holding a manuscript and hoping the king will notice you or at least not order your death.

A woman at court plays many roles but Mercia has another much more dangerous role to play in this one – that of a spy. She is a great characters with plenty of personality and a backstory to match. Lots more to come from her I hope. As with other King and Queen novels, there is a family tree/list of characters to explain who is who but it’s easy to follow anyway.

If you have a care to step back in time to 17th England , then this is an interesting journey!

Booktrail Boarding Pass:  Traitor

Destination: London  Author/Guide: David Hingley Departure Time: 1665

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