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Three Apples Fell from the Sky

Three Apples Fell from the Sky

Why a Booktrail?

An unforgettable story of friendship and feuds in a remote Armenian mountain village

  • ISBN: 978-1786077301
  • Genre: Fiction

What you need to know before your trail

In an isolated village high in the Armenian mountains, a close-knit community bickers, gossips and laughs. Their only connection to the outside world is an ancient telegraph wire and a perilous mountain road that even goats struggle to navigate.

As they go about their daily lives – harvesting crops, making baklava, tidying houses – the villagers sustain one another through good times and bad. But sometimes all it takes is a spark of romance to turn life on its head, and a plot to bring two of Maran’s most stubbornly single residents together soon gives the village something new to gossip about…

Three Apples Fell from the Sky is an enchanting fable that brilliantly captures the idiosyncrasy of a small community. Sparkling with sumptuous imagery and warm humour, this is a vibrant tale of resilience, bravery and the miracle of everyday friendship.

Travel Guide

Travel to a remote Armenian village

Set in a (fictional) dying village on a mountain in Armenia called Maran. This is a story of the village and the people as they go through changes and seasons as they try to survive. The village is extremely remote and is virtually disconnected from the outside world. Being so isolated, the traditions are well-preserved and there are a lot of stories, cultural traditions and stories to discover.

Old couples argue, young ones want to leave and all the while, goats and other animals wander around the remote hilltops.

Life in Maran is not easy but for one character, we learn there that is a village library as she loves to read. The library sounds lovely:

“coziness and lightness…reminiscent of a reading room in a well-tended conservatory”.

The village

There ‘s  many challenges of living here such as poverty and earthquakes. The weather is bad and the land hard to live on.

“The village clung onto Manish-kar’s shoulder like a burdensome weight, pointless and forgotten by everyone”,

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Destination/location:Armenia Author/guide:  Narine Abgaryan  Departure Time: unknown

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