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  • Location: Yorkshire

These Darkening Days

These Darkening Days

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2000s: Yorkshire as you have never seen it evoked before

  • ISBN: 978-1911356028
  • Genre: Fiction

What you need to know before your trail

As autumn draws in, a series of unexplained vicious attacks occur in a small northern town renowned for being a bohemian backwater.

As the national media descends, local journalist Roddy Mace attempts to tell the story, but finds the very nature of truth brought into question. He turns to disgraced detective James Brindle for help.

When further attacks occur the shattered community becomes the focus of an accelerating media that favours immediacy over truth. Murder and myth collide in a folk-crime story about place, identity and the tangled lives of those who never leave.

Travel Guide

Secretive Pennine valley town

A murdered on the loose
More secrets to come out as this crime is just the beginning, the lid on the Pandora’s box. This is a closed town and community. There is rain, dampness, darkness and mountainous secrets in the middle of one of the most prettiest areas of England. Vast countryside stretching for miles on the one hand…
Mal Askey loves the place, Loves the job, the town, the people and their queer ways. Loves the angled streets that are perpetually wet with Pennine Rain and slick algae, and cluttered with squat stone dwellings that spill across the distant hillside as if from a child’s upended toy-box, all the way up the moor’s edge”
But on the other, a tale of harshness and rain, murder and secrets. Time and place are evoked with clarity and realism so that you feel as if you are walking the Pennine moors in the footsteps of misfits and murderers. When you add the fact that the novel draws on documented historical events, then that sense of time and place become all the more powerful.

Booktrail Boarding Pass:  These Darkening Days

Destination: The Pennines  Author/Guide: Benjamin Myers Departure Time: 2000s

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