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  • Location: Isle of Islay, Port Ellen

The Way Back

The Way Back

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2000s: A father’s dying wish to see his children

  • ISBN: B07QS3RCV9
  • Genre: Fiction

What you need to know before your trail

If you’re reading this, my funeral must have just finished. I’ve got something to ask of you…Who knows, you might even enjoy it?

The Cadogan children haven’t spoken to each other for three years. But their father, Gerry, has a plan to bring them together. To scatter his ashes, they must first drive his old camper van up to Scotland…

For the trip, Gerry has provided them with three family photo albums and a bottle of single malt whisky.

But will the journey help banish their ghosts and turn them back into a family? Or will it show them exactly why they’ve stayed apart for so long?

Travel Guide

Drive all the way up to the Isle of Islay

A grandfather leaves instructions in his will for his children to drive all the way up to Port Ellen on the Isle of Skye.  A long drive in a camper van sounds like the ideal journey and a visit to the Inner  Hebrides would be quite the scenic route!

Port Ellen is a lovely choice of place to visit. A restful place as well as a resting place for  Gerry.  It’s quite a long drive however but the drive down to Port Askaig to Port Ellen is particularly scenic. There’s an important distillery here too which plays a part in the story. The best whisky in town apparently.

This rural setting is a lovely poignant backdrop to the emotional journey covered in the story.

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Destination/location:Isle of Islay Author/guide: Jamie Fewery  Departure Time: 2000s

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