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The Unmaking of Ellie Rose

The Unmaking of Ellie Rose

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2000s: A single phone call from halfway across the world is all it takes to bring her home . . . ‘Ellie, something bad has happened.’

  • ISBN: B07N7TMLD1
  • Genre: Fiction, Folklore

What you need to know before your trail

Desperate to escape her ‘kid from the scrapyard’ reputation, Ellie Rook has forged a new life for herself abroad, but tragedy strikes when her mother, Imelda, falls from a notorious waterfall. Here, according to local legend, the warrior queen Finella jumped to her death after killing a king. In the wake of her mother’s disappearance, Ellie is forced to confront some disturbing truths about the family she left behind and the woman she has become. Can a long-dead queen hold the key to Ellie’s survival? And how far will she go to right a wrong?

Travel Guide

Wandering around rural Aberdeenshire

This is a novel which takes the ancient folk tales of Scotland and turns them into stories of mysteries, crimes and thrills with the rich imagery and history of the tales woven in.

Folklore and legend play an important part in this story – This is the story of Finella, who according to legend, was a fierce Pictish queen, who jumped to certain death from a waterfall after killing the King of Scotland. When Ellie Rook’s mother, Imelda, disappears from the same spot, Ellie is forced to confront some disturbing truths….


Water plays an important part with the waterfall as whenever is it mentioned, it is significant later on. Ellie’s brother is even called River. All of this is important as water in folktales often represents death, rebirth and washing clean.

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Destination/location: Aberdeenshire Author/guide: Sandra Ireland   Departure Time: 2000s

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