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  • Location: Korea

The Trip Back Home

The Trip Back Home

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Anytime – A young girl from America travels to see her mother’s family in Korea and realises just what being from two cultures really means.

  • ISBN: 978-0152007843
  • Genre: Childrens

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A young girl visits her mother’s family in Korea. Travelling all the way from America, she goes back to where her grandparents have remained and continued to live their lives all these years.

But as Janet and her family take them gifts from America and are keen to show them what life in America is all about, by the end of the time in Korea, it is clear where the biggest gifts have come from and who the lucky recipients really are.



Travel Guide

From America to Korea, this is the journey through the eyes of a child who visits he grandparents in Korea.  Two cultures and two worlds very far apart. Where your mum grew up and where you are part of even if you have no memories of it.

Janet and her family bring gifts but it’s the gifts they receive in return that are the most heartwarming. Through Janet’s eyes, her grandparents, their way of life, their day to day is very different to hers and yet part of who her mother used to experience.

From every angle, the lovely pictures in the book show how whichever way you look at life there is something to see. The illustrations are like watercolours and appear faded to allow the words to show through.

All the feelings of going back home, which ever culture you’re from or going to is beautifully illustrated and shows a new way of life through a child’s eyes. The story was inspired by the author’s own trip back to Korea as a child with her own mother.

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