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  • Location: Berlin, Southampton, London, The Atlantic Ocean

The Titanic Secret

The Titanic Secret

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1912: Was it really an iceberg that sunk the Titanic?

  • ISBN: B07DFZ8953
  • Genre: Adventure, Inspired by true events

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On Sunday 15 April 1912, the ‘unsinkable’ RMS Titanic sinks on her maiden voyage to New York. But the truth is quickly suppressed.

On board she carries three men scheming to create a new military alliance between the USA and Germany. Their goal – war with Great Britain and the destruction of the British Empire. Alex Tremayneand his American colleague Maria Weston are sent by British Intelligence to stop the spies, and with them the greatest war in history.

On a voyage bristling with intrigue, Alex and Maria have one aim: to stop the conspirators from reaching America – at any cost…

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Travel the Titanic route BookTrail style from Berlin, Southampton and across the Atlantic

An interesting theory on the Titanic story! This is all about a conspiracy between secret service agents in Berlin and USA who were apparently planning to unite and bring down the British Empire. Germany was said to be jealous of the naval power and force Britain had in the world and had plans to bring about another ’empire’ which included Germany.

Agents were placed on the Titanic and the aim was for them to reach New York and set their plan in motion. British agents followed and trailed suspects in Berlin and placed two of their own on the ill-fated ship. Their mission was to kill the three agents on board before the ship reached New York. At the same time, a plan was put in place by London to torpedo the boat if this had not been done at a certain point of the journey. The ship was hit, but in reality, it was the iceberg which caused the ship to founder.

This book gives an exciting and interesting alternative theory and puts the Titanic at the centre of international intrigue.

BookTrail Boarding Pass: The Titanic Secret

Destination: Berlin, Southampton, London, Atlantic Ocean Author/guide: James Becker Departure Time: 1912

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